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We work through your challenges to help you reach your goals

About Us

Services and Program


It's Never Too Late to Get a Second Chance

Changin' Lives is a 501(C) 3 organization offering services in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. We help members of the re-entry population integrate back into society after being incarcerated and completing their sentences under the criminal justice system.

You may have applied for many jobs or attended interviews with the expectations of hearing a positive answer only to receive the opposite. You may have also applied for housing and have been turned away.

Although these experiences are enough to leave you discouraged there are employers and landlords who are willing to give you an opportunity to start your life over again. If you would like to make a schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today! 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to address the needs of our re-entry citizens to make their transition back into mainstream society a success.


That's why I wanted to call you Dolores....I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and concern. I contacted the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation in Phx in....filled out an application for the Blue eye prosthetics and he was approved! They first sent him reading glasses and the prescription has still never been filled since Sept! So they were a life saver with the glasses and the Prosthetics! I was also able to work it out so that he stayed at a prison in Phx for the 4 wks it took to get it and I'm proud to say he went back to Kingman just last Tues. The Doctor did a fantastic job and my Brother is so pleased and so thankful to all that made this happen for him. Of course he'll never get his eye sight back but at least it doesn't feel as if someone has their hands wrapped tightly on his eyes as it did. He compared it to some of the many things our father use to do when were children to torture us. My Brother wanted to thank all that helped to make this happen to him but I didn't have your address. Thank you so very very much and Changin lives is just the perfect name for what you do. It really does change lives. God bless you and give yourself a big hug for me.

- Anonymous

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